Margaret Hathornthwaite1762

Margaret Hathornthwaite
Given names
Christening 11 April 1762
Address: St Mary's
Christening of a sisterMary Hathornthwaite
22 July 1764 (Age 2)
Address: St Mary's
Burial of a brotherWilliam Hathornthwaite
22 August 1766 (Age 4)
Cemetery: St Mary's
Christening of a brotherPeter Hathornthwaite
12 October 1766 (Age 4)
Address: St Mary's
Burial of a brotherJohn Hathornthwaite
2 March 1768 (Age 5)
Cemetery: St Mary's
Marriage of a parentPeter HathornthwaiteMargaret BleazdaleView family
Type: Religious marriage
28 January 1769 (Age 6)
Christening of a half-brotherJohn Hathornthwaite
7 January 1770 (Age 7)
Address: St Mary's
Death of a paternal grandmotherMargaret Tomlinson
September 1773 (Age 11)
Burial of a brotherPeter Hathornthwaite
11 May 1779 (Age 17)
Cemetery: St Mary's
Note: Perhaps drowned
Death of a half-brotherJohn Hathornthwaite
about 1861 (Age 98)
Family with parents - View family
Marriage: 16 September 1752Lancaster, Lancashire, England
10 months
elder brother
John Hathornthwaite
Christening: 5 July 1753Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Burial: 2 March 1768Lancaster, Lancashire, England
2 years
elder brother
3 years
elder brother
William Hathornthwaite
Christening: 8 January 1758Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Burial: 22 August 1766Lancaster, Lancashire, England
2 years
elder brother
2 years
2 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
Peter Hathornthwaite
Christening: 12 October 1766Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Burial: 11 May 1779Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Father’s family with Margaret Bleazdale - View family
Marriage: 28 January 1769Lancaster, Lancashire, England
11 months