Queenie Smith

Queenie SmithAge: 8919212010

Queenie Smith
Birth 10 March 1921 31 28
Address: 8 Croft Street,
Death of a maternal grandfatherWilliam Edward Hawthornthwaite
18 August 1949 (Age 28)
Address: 8 Croft Street
Marriage of a siblingJohn Arthur IsamEdna SmithView family
29 October 1952 (Age 31)

Death of a maternal grandmotherClara Shakespeare
18 January 1953 (Age 31)
Address: 8 Croft Street
Death of a motherAda Hawthornthwaite
17 April 1963 (Age 42)
Death of a fatherSydney Smith
4 May 1983 (Age 62)
Death 21 December 20100730 (Age 89)
Address: Dewsbury & District Hospital, Staincliffe
Note: Information by telephone from hospital to J Hawthornthwaite
Family with parents - View family
Marriage: 1918Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England
-1 months
elder sister
Edna SmithEdna Smith
Birth: 8 December 1917 27 24Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, England
Death: 3 June 2015Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, England
3 years
Queenie SmithQueenie Smith
Birth: 10 March 1921 31 28Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, England
Death: 21 December 2010Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England

Information by telephone from hospital to J Hawthornthwaite
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Queenie Margaret Smith

10 March 1921 to 21 December 2010


Times were hard when Queenie was born.  Her mother Ada Hawthornthwaite had moved with her parents from the Manchester cotton mills to find work as a wool spinner in the “heavy woollen” district of  the West Riding of Yorkshire.  Her father, Sydney Smith, came to Heckmondwike from Gateshead and found work as a wiredrawer in Cleckheaton. In 1917 Ada had a daughter Edna and a year later married Sydney.  Queenie's mother, Ada, died in 1963 and Queenie lived with and cared for her father, Sydney, until his death in 1983.


The Second World War intervened in their lives and whilst her father was in a reserved trade working 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and was thus exempt military service, Queenie took the opportunity to join the ATS.

 (  http://uk.ask.com/wiki/Auxiliary_Territorial_Service  )


After the war Queenie joined Ineson’s solicitors, in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, England, as a clerk and spent many years there, before joining Cadman’s solicitors, also in Cleckheaton, as a solicitors clerk before retiring.  


Although, as a young girl, Queenie had a number of boy friends, she never married and, on retirement, lived with her sister Edna, whose husband, Jack had passed on.  They had a love of cats and would “catnap” any neighbours cats which strayed too close to the front door.  She had a strong religious faith and enjoyed being part of the congregation of the Whitechapel Church, in Cleckheaton where she made many good friends.


In retirement both she and Edna took on a new lease of life, travelling to foreign parts and cruising to nearly all parts of the world.  Yet in later life the highlight of their week was to go to Leeds, always beautifully turned out, on the bus, to take coffee in Scholfields, where they both held a “Gold Card”.  Contrary to the outward appearance of two elderly ladies in the autumn of their lives both she and Edna embraced modern technology sharing a laptop computer and  spending many hours playing games, which helped her through the last few years of  very difficult health.  She had a strong sense of humour, always with a twinkle in her eye and a happy smile and will be missed.


She would have wished that their neighbours, in particular Molly and Roger, be thanked for their great friendship and help they have given over many years.