Sarah Walsh

Sarah Alice Walsh1881

Sarah Alice Walsh
Birth 1881 33 31
Address: MoletsHeath, Pickup Bank,
Census 3 April 1881
Address: Owlet Hall, Yate & Pickup Bank,
Birth of a brotherHerbert Walsh
1884 (Age 3)
Address: Pickup Bank,
Birth of a brotherGeorge Edward Walsh
1885 (Age 4)

Birth of a sisterBeatrice Walsh
1891 (Age 10)
Address: MoletsHeath, Pickup Bank,
Census 5 April 1891 (Age 10)
Cotton Weaver
1891 (Age 10)

Residence 1891 (Age 10)
Address: Lane End, Pickup Bank,
Census 31 March 1901 (Age 20)
Address: Lane End
Cotton Weaver
1901 (Age 20)

Residence 1901 (Age 20)
Address: Lane End, Pickup Bank,
Death of a brotherGeorge Edward Walsh
14 February 1902 (Age 21)
Census 2 April 1911 (Age 30)
Address: Treacle Row Farm, Pickupbank,
Cotton Weaver
1911 (Age 30)
Death of a fatherGeorge Walsh
between October 1923 and December 1923 (Age 42) Age: 76
Death of a motherSarah Leach
17 April 1933 (Age 52)
Death of a brotherWalter Walsh
4 June 1955 (Age 74)
Death of a sisterJane Ellen Walsh
13 July 1955 (Age 74)
Death of a sisterMargaret Ann Walsh
17 July 1966 (Age 85)
Cremation of a sisterMargaret Ann Walsh
20 July 1966 (Age 85)
Address: Pleasington,
Note: The cremation was number 7826 and was noted in the Book of Remembrance.
Burial of a sisterMargaret Ann Walsh
24 July 1966 (Age 85)
Address: St Cuthberts Church,
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elder brother
6 years
elder sister
3 years
elder brother
20 months
elder sister
3 years
4 years
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
George Edward Walsh
Birth: 1885 37 35
Death: 14 February 1902Hoddlesden, Darwen, Lancashire, England
7 years
younger sister
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Census1881 UK Census transcript - George Walsh - Household

George WalshHeadm32MFarmer of 7 AcresLancashire, Haslingden
Sarah Leachwifem31FCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Richard WalshsonS10MLancashire, Darwen
Jane Ellen WalshdaughterS5FLancashire, Darwen
Walter WalshsonS3MLancashire, Darwen
Margaret Ann WalshdaughterS2FLancashire, Darwen
Sarah Alice WalshdaughterS-FLancashire, Darwen

Census1891 UK Census transcript - George Walsh - Household

George WalshHeadS42MCotton BackhookerLancashire, Haslingden
Sarah LeachwifeS41FCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Jane Ellen WalshdaughterS15FCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Walter WalshsonS13MCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Margaret Ann WalshdaughterS12FCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Sarah Alice WalshdaughterS9FCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Herbert WalshsonS6MLancashire, Darwen
George Edward WalshsonS5M-
Beatrice WalshdaughterS9/12FLancashire, Darwen

Census1901 UK Census transcript - George Walsh - Household

George WalshHeadS52MFarmerLancashire, Haslingden
Sarah LeachwifeS51FLancashire, Darwen
Walter WalshsonS23MCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Margaret Ann WalshdaughterS22FCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Sarah Alice WalshdaughterS19FCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
George Edward WalshsonS15MCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen
Herbert WalshsonS16MCotton WeaverLancashire, Darwen


Sarah Alice married a ? Waterhouse who was not living with her during this census. As at todays date I have not followed up the family other than her daughter.

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